Our main purpose is to aid the acute malnutrition crisis amongst children in Venezuela.

The social-economic situation in Venezuela during the last few years has deteriorated at an alarming speed leading to a humanitarian crisis. We have focused our attention on malnourished children and developed a creative and effective way to help.

We will achieve this by allocating 10% of the profits to buy tins of baby formula to send to JM de Los Rios Children's Hospital -one of the biggest children's hospitals in Caracas, Venezuela-.


We are also creating job opportunities 

Each piece is created by local South American hands generating job opportunities for a workforce that has been stagnant, as well as promoting Venezuelan beachwear design.


spread happiness and awarenessSpread happiness and awareness

We bring you a curated, unique, non-mainstream high-quality collection of swimwear and coverups with vibrant colours typical of the Caribbean and its beautiful tropics. Made with love to inspire others to enjoy life.



"Venezuela's man-made humanitarian catastrophe is going nowhere"

Please see the below video that details the children malnutrition crisis currently devastating Venezuela. Please be aware the content in this videos could be shocking and heartbreaking.